China's Polysilicon Market in Solar Photovoltaic Industry
China's Polysilicon Market in Solar Photovoltaic Industry
CCM International Limited
October 30, 2009
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Countries covered: China

Global hiking price of oil, as well as alarming energy crisis, push rapid development of renewable energies around the world, with solar energy an outstanding one. Driven by global booming solar energy, China’s solar cell production has developed rapidly in past three years, with output CAGR of 144% from 2007 to 2009. However, domestic supply of polysilicon, key raw material of solar cell, has heavily depended on import (78.46% in 2008), due to high cost and small output caused by immature technology.

Strong demand for solar cell and high profit rate attract increasing enterprises to engage in polysilicon production in China after 2007. Polysilicon output for 2009 is estimated to reach 12,500 tonnes and the supply in 2010 is expected to meet the demand with new capacity release. What’s the influence of this change will be exerted on China’s status in global solar PV industry? Will China’s soaring polysilicon output influence price or profit of international polysilicon manufacturers, such as MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. and Huku Material Inc. What change will arise for China’s main polysilicon suppliers?

As overseas experiences demonstrate, sustainable development of polysilicon relies on solar PV advance, and the latter’s growth is greatly driven by governmental policy on feed-in tariff, thus a fresh focus comes to following outlook: what is China’s attitude towards feed-in tariff? Will China’s PV market still depend on overseas’ and how is the growing momentum in the following years?

Moreover, owing to lack of national long-term plan for polysilicon development, China’s polysilicon industry is facing many problems, such as overcapacity, lack of core production technology and ineffective technology in tail gas treatment, all of which have severely dragged sustainable development of polysilicon. With great technology breakthroughs in recent two years, what’s the potential change in the future?

This report will unveil penetration of above focuses, and to further explore these intelligences, key aspects will be presented as follows:
What are reasons for rapid development of polysilicon industry?
What are main problems in polysilicon industry?
What is influence of latest policies on future polysilicon development?
How does competitive landscape of different solar cells present?
How does interaction between polysilicon and solar PV industry function?
What are opportunities from future polysilicon industry?
What are profiles of major polysilicon producers and end users together with discussion on their key business strategies?

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